Monday, February 14, 2011

Chores and meetings

The winds are down and the sun is strong and so Francis and Linda are on their way across the Gulf and up the west coast of FL. We will miss them, but are sure we will cross paths again, probably in the Bahamas.

Our day started with taking apart the sump pump in Joe's bathroom, a frequent headache. At the present time, the sump pump throws a breaker everytime it is put on.
Today we bought a replacement back-up pump, and we are investigating the cause of the breaker shorting out. Since showers are few and far between in the Exuma chain in the Bahamas, we need to have it working when we depart.

The Bahama Bound meeting was informative and an opportunity to meet other cruisers interested in leaving when we are. The leader has been over there eight times and has lots of knowledge to share. We even heard the story of their catching a 54 in mahi with a yo-yo(Cuban reel), which is what I have. When they hauled it aboard they didn't know how to fillet it so called out over the VHF radio and received guidance on how to proceed. I have been buying some fishing lures, so hopefully will have some luck. Several boaters are ready to leave at the next weather window, which could come as early as Thursday or Friday, but more likely Sunday. We plan to be ready by Sunday. It is very exciting, but a bit scary and will be great having some "buddy" boats around.

Our friends, Steve and Linda, who are gone for several days to a wedding in West Virginia, lent us their bikes and we have been able to do several errands much more easily today.

Happy Valentine's Day to all. We had a quiet dinner on board and enjoyed this beautiful sunset.

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