Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Today we spent the whole day for relaxing in Bimini, actually it is North Bimini. South Bimini is across the channel, a short ferry boat ride. North is where the boaters are as there are 6 marinas. Blue Water is very nice and priced right. It is the fullest of the marinas and is the one with the most sail boats. I think it is deeper than some of the others. Took this shot of High Spirits after we landed, notice all the jerry cans we have for diesel(yellow), gasoline for the generator and outboard engine(red), and fresh water(blue). We use the cans to carry material back to the boat.

Had breakfast at Captain Bob's with several of our sailing group. Fairly good prices, pancakes and ham for $8.00. Left to right: Jerel, Tammy, Kathy, Bill and Joy

Just kind of relaxed all day. We did go down to the beach where I took this sunset shot.

This afternoon Rip stopped by and sold us two lobster tails. Joy's dinner tomorrow night while I eat leftover mushroom pasta. Lobster tails cost $10 for both of them.

After dinner we hiked over to a local bar. We were told yesterday that they would have a DJ tonight, but it was closed at 9 pm. No DJ. We walked over to the local sports bar up the hill and had a drink, and danced to Wade on the guitar. Wade has a charter fishing business as well as a dive business. The bar is about 8 feet long. Just opened up on Friday.

Tomorrow we will spend some time getting the boat ready to leave on Friday. Need to fill up the water and diesel tanks for our trip across the Bahamas banks to the Berry Islands and down to Nassau.


ps Still working on the phone situation, looks like we might get a cheap prepaid phone in nassau.

pps Found out today that does not work in the Bahamas, so no Glee and no NCIS.

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