Sunday, February 20, 2011

Final Preparations

No pics today. Tomorrow we start our sail toward Bimini, the westernmost Bahamian Island, but as of today there was a slight modification in our group's plan, all dependent on the wind. The winds have not shifted around to the southeast yet, leaving the Gulf Stream with rough seas tomorrow morning, so all nine boats heading across are going tomorrow to Rodriguez Key, staying close within the reef, an eight hour trip. We will anchor and stay overnight there and then plan to leave around 5 am on Tuesday to cross over the Gulf Stream. It is very comforting having nine boats, two with a lot of experience with us. Everyone is very cautious and making decisions based on the most up-to-date weather reports.

In preparation today, we did our laundry, put safety jack lines up on the deck, topped off on water, etc. Jack lines run from bow to stern and when in rough seas or just during our gulf stream crossing, if I have to go up on the deck to do anything, I will be tethered into the boat.

This evening we went over to Steve and Linda's for dinner (again). Steve's brother and family came into town for a couple of days and they wanted us to meet them. Daisy, Steve's sister-in-law is a champion horse shoe thrower, competing in the international competitions. Three years ago she won in her division. At Steve and Linda's marina is the sorriest looking horse shoe pit you have ever seen, but Daisy was a good sport and tried her hand at the horseshoes. She gets a ringer 53% of the time. We learned more about this sport then we thought possible, and enjoyed meeting them.

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