Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Preparation Work

Well, it is morning on Feb 16, 2011 but I am writing about activities yesterday, Feb 15, an odd day. Joy can write about today later tonight.

Most of yesterday was spent getting ready to leave for the Bahamas as early as next Monday. We finally got an appointment to get our Local Boaters Cards which makes it easier to check back into the US when we return in the Spring.

We have our safety lines to install, purchased a single side band radio receiver, another VHF radio, finished the tax returns, and hopefully have our banking all set to be out of the country for 2 months.

Linda Franko has a printer so we can print out NH return, they do not accept e filings at this time.

We did have a chance to use Neflix downstreaming to watch a romantic comedy with Ashley Judd, Hugh Jackman, and Greg Kinnear, Something about You. It was our Valentine's Day movie a day late.

Hope all is well with everyone. When we go over to the Bahamas, the only Internet connection we will have is when we are at an Internet cafe. Our Verizon wifi card will not be operational there. So the blog postings will be not as frequent.


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  1. If you hear of a good bareboat charter provider out there, please let me know. Have fun!