Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cold, windy, and raw

I know everyone up north have difficulty understanding the cold in Florida, because I used to roll my eyes when my sister, Sally, complained of the cold. Today was the type of day that she used to talk about. Of course, this was the first day in a month when the jackets and sweaters were layered on. A cold front from the north finally made it's way down to the Keys, with strong winds, some rain, and cold. Of course, Sally and Manny came down to spend a few days with us and the only warm place was the restaurants. We spent several hours playing cards in the large, unheated meeting area of the marina, as well as enjoying restaurant meals and a trip to the grocery store. Our friends, Linda and Francis have been here since Friday, so the six of us have hung out together. L and F regaled us with their stories of musical boats, anchoring and re-anchoring at all hours of the day and night as the wind changed direction. At one point they were sitting on top of a wreck, not understanding why the boat seemed stuck, until they saw the sign "danger" right next to them in the dark! I think we should write a book with input from many boaters with humorous stories to tell.

Marathon is not like Key West- no historical area, cutsie stores, or attractions, just the main road with a hodgepodge of grocery, Kmart, fishing stores, and dive shops, with some motels and several restaurants, many we have enjoyed. Dinner this evening was at Annette's Lobster and Steak House. If we had been in a hurry, we would have been frustrated, but we had an enjoyable three hours with friends and family in a warm environment with good food.

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