Sunday, July 8, 2012

Family, Friends and Maine

After leaving Portland, the crew of High Spirits took her ever eastward to visit family and friends.

We first stopped on Long Island to stay with Charlie and Sharon Albiston.  From previous posts,
readers who might be suffering from memory issues, Charlie and Joy are second cousins.  Joy's grandfather, Theodore Huggins Bush was the brother of Dorothy Huggins Albiston.  Aunt Dot, as she was called,  married Joe Albiston and moved to Auburn,Maine.  Charlie is one of his grandsons.
Anyway, the long and short of this part of this story is that we were invited to stay at the cottage for a couple of days.

This sounded great. A chance to stay in a bed together, a chance to take a long hot shower, a chance to charge up all our electonic devices nd a chance to meet people we had not seen since 1986.( turns out that Charlie and Sharon met Joy at Joy's grandmother's funeral).  Alas, our beautiful plans were not to be.

Their cottage has NO RUNNING WATER, AND NO ELECTRICITY.  Uncle Joe bought this cottage in 1928, and it is just a summer cottage.  They have propane gas for cooking and propane lights( picture of gas light), collect rain water for washing dishes, bring in bottle water for drinking, a composting toilet, but a nice bed to sleep in.

Here i a picure of Sharon, Charlie and Joy

Today, July 8, we are in Bremen, Maine and the Internet is very slow and keeps dropping my connection.  So I will finish the text and try to add pictures later today.

On July 4th we were still at the Albison's camp( that is what they all their cottage, must be a
Maine expression.  We motored over to Sebasco and visited the resort that Joy and her family went to when she was about 10 years old.  She still remembers staying at the main house, which I have included a picture of. 

We left on July 5, no firworks for us on July 4 as we went back to High Spirits on the night of the fourth due to an oncoming thunder storm.  However we were pleasantly surprised on July 5th that Booth Bay's fireworks were postponed from July 4 to July 5 for the same reason, thunder and rain.

So we had a front row seat in Booth Bay Harbor to watch a very nice show.  Booth Bay is a tourist and heavy traffic with little parking.  Picked up some used paperback books for 50 cents a piece at the library's used book collection. 

Then we started the Simmons College Class of 1971 Sumner Reunion.  Steve Wallace, husband of Lisa Wallace, drove down from thir house in Bremen and joined us for a morning sail from Booth Bayto Bremen.  Peg Gould and her husband Harry Malone joined us by car from Manchester, NH for a very nice weekend.  On Sunday afternoon, Steve and Lisa went out with us for a couple of hours of great sailing.

High Spirits is on an Audubon mooring at the end of the Wallace's sreet, and we are enjoying the luxury of living in a house again even if only for a couple of days. 

The plan is to leave on Wednesday, of course weather dependent.


pa  the browser to load pictures is not working properly.  will try again to load more pictures.

Moon over the Albiston's camp

Gas light at the Albiston's camp ( cottage for non Mainers).

Sebasco hotel where Joy stayed at (Age 10)

Fireworks at Booth Bay Harbor, July 5, 2012

Simmons group, Steve, Harry, Peg, Joy, Lisa

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