Sunday, July 1, 2012


We arrived in Portland, Maine yesterday and will be staying until Tuesday morning.

High Spirits lasted three days and on the fourth day something broke. It was the 12 volt dc
plug that is by our navigation desk.  The plug is as old as the boat and it just shorted out. So the breaker keeps shutting off. The plug allows us to charge  computers, cell phones, and wifi hot spot device when we are not at a dock on shorepower.  Pulled it out of the wall, going to look for replacement part tomorrow either at the place we are staying or a West Marine.  It is a little out of focus as the boat was rocking due to the thunder storm that just passed though Portland.
I was wondering how long it would take and what would break first.

Here are some pictures Joy took for our entrance into Portland Harbor, the guys on the trimaran where flying. Also the schooner goes out 4 times a day.

Had lunch at Benkay, a sushi restaurant a short walk from our mooring.  The mooring field is great, but a little bit of a hike from downtown. Today waas cooler so it was not bad.

If you have a chance go to Google and type in Vesper sail boat.  If you find the

site you can see pictures of Vesper which is docked about 100 feet from us.  Measures 91.5 ft in length and a beam of over 21 ft. Mast must  be 100+.  They run a red light on top of the mast which I believe is similiar to a radio/tv tower light to warn airplanes.


ps  Joy says she wll be writing on even days.

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