Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mosquitos Alert

We are in Tenants harbor, Maine and under attack by mosquitos.  Fortunately we have two bug zappers, they look like mini tennis racquets.

We arrived at noon time, went to shore and had a very nice lunch at The Happy Clam, pub and restaurant.  One of the best lunches we have had on this trip.

We are staying at Lyman-Morse, they make Lyman power and sail boats, but up in Thomaston, Maine.  This is a marina for them. It has nice showers and a captains lounge.  Going to bring over some water cans to refill tomorrow morning before we leave for Rockland Maine

Today we have three pictures.  One of the Red Lobster boat, Jamie Wyeth's boat which is docked here at Lymans, and Joy roasting marshmellows over the gas grill.

Last couple of days have been days of no Internet, but have good connecions here in Tenants Harbor.


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