Friday, July 13, 2012

Trekking for Donuts and Cookies

Having arrived in Rockland, ME, yesterday, we were very excited to find the Willow Bake Shoppe, written up in our Maine Cruising Guide. Realizing that it was over 2 miles away, closer to the end of the harbor, we decided to set out in our dinghy for the Samoset Resort. After stopping at the wrong dock( condo complex), we were given directions to walk two miles from our new spot to the Bakery. With delicious donuts on our mind, we continued on, and since we had walked that far, we had two donuts apiece and a chocolate chip cookie for when wwe got back to the boat. Yum! It was worth the walk!

But let's back up a bit to a description of Beggar's Wharf, where we rented a mooring for three days, finding our first choice was full due to the North American Blues Festival this weekend, we chose this marina, pictures follow. The men's room was broken as well as one of the two toilets in the women's room. Of course there are no stalls between the toilets, so it doesn't matter that only one toilet was working. There was also a sign that showers are $3. Now rarely do we have to pay for showers and if we do, they are coin operated and cost 50 cents. These showers work fine without any coins, so I guess it is on the honor system. Of course, today Charlie told Joe that he would wave the fee for today. On the good side, give credit where credit is due, there is a large room for cruisers to use with darts, pool, a bar, and couches. And because I kidded Charlie about the broken toilets, they were fixed today.

We also had a great visit yesterday with more Albistons, as Charlie and Sharon's mother, Jean, sister, Wendy, daughter and grandchildren drove up to Rockland for an early supper down on the waterfront.

Today, we were lucky to find that there was a Windjammer parade this afternoon in the harbor. Trying to position ourselves in the front row, we went by dinghy from the boat to get a bit closer to the action, so we have included pics. About 7 schooners sailed around in circles for two hours. Having seen several tall ship parades in Cleveland, this was a bit disappointing, but fun anyway. So far, a busy 24 hours.


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