Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Sweet Life

We have been busy in the last couple of days travelling to several small towns and meeting some very interesing people.

It all started when we left Camden, Maine and sailed over Pulpit Harbor which is a little inlet on North Haven Island.  We got there early, lucky for us as about 6 boats came in after us.  The five morrings that are available for rent were taken, sSo we tried our hand at anchoring.  Usually we get it right the first time; however, this time the first three times did not work.  We had been warned about kelp on the bottom of the inlet and most likely our anchor was grabbing the kelp and not holding.  We talked to the local boat yard, and they gave directions to the best place to anchor which is more in the outer harbor. The fourth time was the charm.  After that we were able to dinghy over to the town dock and walk to the local store for some groceries. It was very hot so we just relaxed afterwards and joy went for her first swim in ME waters.

Met the people on the boat next to us, John and Marcia.  He is a minister in Wiscasset, Maine, had been the Congregatiional Church minister in Marblehead, MA for a long time. Very nice couple, had a dinner of leftovers from both boats.

Then on Thursday we set sail for Castine, Maine. A small town with a big heart and big history.  Founded in 1613, 7 years before the Pilgrims.  Does not get a lot of history because the town of Castine and surrounding territory changed countries about 8 times.  Owned by English, French, and the Dutch over a 200 year period. The interesting thing about Castine, is that the history buffs here have documented everything in the town with easy to read signs at places all over the town. Took a 2 hour walk, just in the west side of the town.

After the history tour we walked through the nature preservewith the wonderful smell of fir trees and wild raspberries that Joy enjoyed.  Then time for lunch at the harbor place fried and fast food stand.

Total walking time was 3.5 hours. For dinner tonight we took our food to the Castiine Town Band concert on the town commons. For a local group, they had a very nice sound.  About 45 members, plus two flautists from England who were visiting.  The best part was the cymbal player, she was an older grandmother and a ton of her
family were there for a wedding tomorrow.  She got the biggest hand during introductions.


ps  pictures later

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