Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hot in Rockland

Today, Sat, was pretty hot in Rockland.At first I thought I would want to go to the Blues festival here in town. It is called the North Atlantic Blues Festival, started in the 1970s when performers came to Maine on vacation.  However it was very hot, and the cost was $35/person.

We elected to visit air conditioned museums and air condition restaurants.  Joy went to visit the Farnworth Art Museum which is full of NC, Andrew and Jamie Wyeth paintings.  I  went to the Lighthouse Museum which was very interesting about life in lighthouses back in the late 1800s.

After that we went to the Project Puffer store where we talked to people about our visit to Hog Island and meeting Seve Kress, the head of the project.  He and his fellow scientists are restocking puffins on seveal islands in the Gulf of Maine. We plan to visit one of he islands on our way south, you can not stop at the island, but can circle around it.

Only have one picture today because we did not take the camera ashore.

Here is a picture of the Albison family from lunch yetsrday.  Left to right are Caroline, daughter of Charlie and Sharon, Megan is her oldest daugther, then Wendy, Charlie's sister, Joy, Sara, Caroline younger daughter, Charlie and Jean(Charlie's mother). Sharon and I were takig pictures.

Jean is Grandma Mimi's age and was married to Jim Albiston, Mimi's first cousin on Skip's side of the family.

Tomorrow we are off to Camden, Maine, looks like potential thunder storms later in the day, but we only have to go less than 7 miles so it should be less than 2 hours.  Found a good marina with moorings, fuel, water, pumpout, captain's lunge and a courtsey car which we can use on Monday to go to the grocery store.


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