Monday, July 2, 2012

Rainbows and Raindrops

Sunday evening we were treated to a beautiful rainbow, awoke to sun and comfortable temps this morning, and treated to more thunderstorms late afternoon. Watching the weather while safely tucked on our mooring is actually a show. There is usually a boat or two just beating the weather to the dock, the clouds are amazing, and of course the sounds of rain, thunder, and sometimes lightening. Earlier today, we managed a load of laundry, and showers, all the mundane chores of boating.

 Then Joe and I found a nail salon a short walk from the boat for some much needed footwork and a bit of pampering, followed by lunch. I am planning to try more fishing this year, so found the local fishing store, where the owner was very happy to educate me and help me decide what to buy. In case you don't remember, I am not a very successful fisher woman, losing more lores than fish I catch, especially on my own, on High Spirits. I was considering buying an ocean rod, as I have been using a "yo-yo", or Cuban reel, very low budget and low tech. This owner was very helpful, has fished in the Bahamas, and is knowledgeable of yo-yo's, stating that most sailors use them. He would also sell me a rod and reel, appropriate for ocean trolling for about $200. I decided to forego the reel and work with the yo-yo, so bought an appropriate lore, and had him show me more knot-tying. Stay tuned for the biggest fish story of all time! Pictures, besides the rainbow and the pedicures, include scenes of the children's sailing program, right off our mooring field.


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