Saturday, October 6, 2012

Atlantic City, NJ

We had planned on sailing to Sandy Hook after visiting with Jill and Matt in NYC. After testing the coolant for several hours on Sunday, we took off for Sandy Hook.  Got to the Statue of Liberty, and Joy decided the coolant level was dropping. Turned around and went back to Liberty Landing in Jersey City, NJ.  Pulled into a slip and the next day Amed  came over and checked over the whole system. Ran the engine in reverse at 1,200 rpm for two hours to get the engine up to operating temperature.  No change in coolant level.  Cost $125 for the service but we did get free dockage which would have cost $170 or so.  Kind of did okay on that transaction.

Then we took off to Atlantic Highlands, please note paragraphs out of of time order as I added
the above paragraph after I typed this blog. Just have to read it the way it is.

Arrived in Atlantic City after a 12 hour motor/sail down the New Jersey shore. We left Sandy Hook area at 4:30 am with two other boats.  One of them kept going south but we buddy boated with John and Helen on Aqua Mirus for the day. In fact, they are two docks over here at Farley State Marina at the Golden Nugget Hotel ( formerly Trump Hotel).

We got to Atlantic Highlands, the town of Sandy Hook and had a nice stay on a mooring ball for only $50/night, including 12 hours 10 am to 10 pm launch service.  Saw latest Clint Eastwood movie. Trouble with the Curve with him, Amy Adams, and Justin Timberlake.  Nice grown up movie about a guy who is getting older and his relationship with his only child, Amy Adams. 

We had a very calm ride down the coast with minimal waves and not too strong breezes.

The coolant situation seems under control.  We have to check the level before we leave for Cape May to see how much was lost.  Also check the oil, we seem to burn about 2 cups of oil every 16 hours.
Not too bad for an engine that is 28 years old.

So what do you do here in Atlantic City?  After sleeping to 7:30 am, Joy pulled out her bike and rode off to the Boardwalk, where you can ride on it to 12 noon n the Fall.  Summer time it is until 10 am.
Last night we walked around the Casino and were wondering where are the $1 blackjack tables, certainly not here. The lowest we saw was $5, one table only.  The craps tables were $10 per bet, one table at $5. So I don't think we will do much gaming here.  They do have a very nice year round pool on the sixth floor which is the afternoon activities list.

Going to go to the Boardwalk casinos later today. Tomorrow is also Browns vs Giants at 1 pm, should be on a TV set someplace in the casino.

Heading down to Cape May as soon as the winds turn away from the south, and then up the Delaware when the winds turn back to the south. Hope to be in Baltimore on Wed/Thursday. Seeing Josh and Rachel on Thursday night and Sunday.  Hope to see Francis and Linda Miko on Sat.


Here is a picture of Joy John and Helen Leddy of Amherst, NH on Aqua Mirus.  They will be spendin 4 months this winter in Charleston, SC.

Here is a little fellow traveller who stopped by for a quick snack!

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