Monday, October 15, 2012

Wonderfull Day with Josh and Rachel

Sunday was a wonderful day in Baltimore.We spent the afternoon and evening with Josh and Rachel at their house in the Mt. Washington section of Baltimore.  It is where Pimlico race track is located.

Took the light rail up, cost $1.60 per person.  Josh picked us up and we started in on yard work.  It seems that we are the yard crew for both Jen and Josh. Actually I like cutting the grass since we have not had any grass to cut since 2001.  No grass to cut at the condo in Sagamore Hills or the apartment in Shaker Square. 

Pizza for lunch and got to watch some football during yard work breaks.  My areas were grass cutting and mulching leaves. Joy work mostly in weeding and trimming the front yard bushes. Josh has planted new grass seed in the back so that just got a light raking.

For dinner we went to a local sushi place and then back to the boat.  Having lunch with Rachel at her school on Monday.

So here are some picture taken yesterday, Sunday, Oct 14


Josh is in his third year of Emergency Medicine residency at Johns Hopkins and Rachel is teaching art at an elementary school in the Federal Hill section of Baltimore.

Takes a lot of skill and fine muscle coordination to mulch leaves!

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