Monday, October 22, 2012

Deale, MD

Tonight finds us in Deale, MD at Herrington North Marina.  Deale is a very small town south of Annapolis, on the way to Solomon Island where we plan on meeting Jen, Mark, Adam and Erin this upcoming weekend. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for an afternoon sailing trip. Right now Sat looks better than Sunday.

Plus we plan on having Erin stay on the boat with us for another overnight with Nani and Buppa, that are or names from Erin and Adam.

We had a nice sail down yesterday with Dave and Peg Shaake, they are a wonderful couple we met on or sailing adventure in the Bahamas and other places with them.  They are on the land for some family reasons, but hope to get back on the water with their new boat, Wanderin Star. New to them, an older Island Packet 38 which has been over to the Azores with a previous owner.

On the way down, we cut through a Naval Academy sailing race. It looks like they were racing 30 footers, here is a picture of Navy Blue and Gold Spinnakers.

Plus another picture of Adam.

We will hole up here for another day to work on the back head pump problem. It certainly is nice to have two heads when one breaks down.


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