Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cold in Baltimore

We arrived this afternoon and brought the cold weather. In fact it is supposed to go down
to 36 degrees tonight.  Break out the ceramic heater.  Today we warmed up the cabin with the diesel heater.  Worked just fine, warmed High Spirits from 56 to 66 in only a couple of minutes.  When it
starts up, it draws about 20 amps but then drops down to 6 amps.  Most of the early current draw is to warm up the glow plug and get combustion going.

So yesterday was a long 12.5 hour day and nights. We arrived at 8:30 or so into a crowded anchorage in the darkness.  One of the boaters we had met at Cape May helped out. We finally got the anchor down and went to sleep.  I was pretty tired plus the cold from Joy kicked in yesterday.

Got up this morning and head out to Baltimore, staying at Inner Harbor East.  I think we are the only
transients here as our dock is totally empty.  Have to talk to Bill the GM.  This place is great as it is only a few blocks away to Whole Foods, CVS, movie theater, many great places to eat the water taxi and the free downtown bus.  Plus they gave us parking passes which get any visitors 50% off on their parking.

Here are a couple of pictures from the trip.  Notice my Fall sailing clothes.  The nuclear power plant is the Salem River Plant.


John and Helen Leddy, Aqua Mirus, are from Amherst, NH and spending the winter at the Megadock in Charleston, SC.

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