Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sailing with Erin and Adam

Jen and family finally arrived around 1 pm or so.  They took the Water Taxi, only cost $2 per person. Not bad unless you travel back and forth a couple of times in a day.  But it beats taking the dinghy in and having it ripped off.

We did take our dinghy in with Erin this morning.  A nice peaceful ride.

Then in the afternoon we went out for a sail/motor boa ride. Adam likes speed so he was very excited about seeing the power boats blast past us.  Especially when we almost at a standstill due to lack of wind a times.

So here are some pictures from today's adventure.

Adam at the helm with Mark
Erin and Mark. Think Erin is eating one of the fresh baked muffins from Friday.

The four of them in one picture frame.
Adam at the restaurant tonight.  He loves cheeseburgers!
Erin- age 5 years , 9 months

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