Thursday, October 25, 2012

More Repairs

This morning was spent watching DJ from Zahniser's Marine Center finally get a handle on the front head sump pump.  Steve Farnko - here is what he found. The grounding strips back at the circuit panel were corroded enough to drop the voltage down so that the pump drew too much amperage and shorted itself out.

The fix was to take apart the circuit breaker panel, get back in and clean the grounding strip so the connections are working properly and they front head pump gets the correct 13 volts.  OF course, the old pump was toast.  Fortunately, in our spare parts inventory, we were carrying a pump and just had to wire it in. Now I can empty out the shower tray with the pump instead of with a manual bilge pump.

DJ's next job is to climb up the mast and try to figure out why our forward steaming light is not working.  We have voltage at the deck. Hopefully just a burned out bulb and not the receptacle.

Befoe we got here we spent a few days at Herrington North marina in Deale, MD.  Really nice place to visit. Joy worked on the pump for the aft head.  Took it all apart and used one of our pump repair kits. So we are back to having a two head boat.

Also going to have DJ look at our remote microphone to see if its problem is the mic or the port on the back of the radio, his thought is that it is the port.  Our remote mic receives but does not transmit.


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