Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Back on High Spirits

We are back on High Spirits after a couple of days off the boat and we stayed at
Jen's place in Hyattsville. The boat rode all the storm with no problems.  We had a nice  rental car from Enterprise, a Chevy Spark.  Cute and small, but fine for two people and also cheap.

Took a lot of picture at Jen's.  The tree picture is of the tree that fell against their house during Hurricane Sandy, but did not cause their power to go out. It fell and is supported at the top of the tree against the house and the wire just kind of slide in between the branches.  Jen called Pepco, the local power company. They will come and take the tree away, as their responsibility is to make sure the power lines are not damaged or knocked down.  The tree actually belongs to the house next door which has been bought by a house flipper.

Adam is 2 and a half, Erin is 5 and a half, Joy is   TOP SECRET

The next door neighbor's tree against the house.  The was a small amount of water that leaked in on the back porch, but not into the house proper.

Playing a game in the living room.

Erin decided to be a princess for the parade at school today.

Adam decided to be a dinosaur for Halloween.


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