Monday, April 18, 2011

Cracker P's and Full Moon Party

Well, we are nearing the end of our stay in Marsh Harbor. Seven of us took a boat taxi over to Lubbers Cay to go to Cracker P's Full Moon Party. Every full moon they have a special party from 7 to midnight. We left at 7 pm and came back around 11 pm Took a picture of Tom Root of Tomkat standing in the ferry boat. Tom was the leader on this trip as he really wanted to go. They are selling their boat to move to travelling in an RV for the next couple of years. They have been boating for 12 years. They are from the Dayton, Ohio area. In fact we have been playing Mexican train dominoes with two other couples from Ohio here at the Jib Room. One couple is from Madison, and the other couple used to live near the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. In fact they owned land in the park before the park was created and their land was taken for the park. The other pictures were the Saturday steak night with rake and scrape music and limbo demonstration by Desmond. Here is a picture of Desmond getting down and I mean really down. Joy was watching Tom raking a saw in time to the music. Today is April 18, the party was last night. Today we spent the morning doing last minute chores like getting a case of wine, some more drinking water, last minute food, and mailing in our amended US federal tax return. After lunch we played Mexican train for the last time here at the Jib Room. Leaving tomorrow for Treasure Cay, then on to Guana Cay, and then Green Turtle. At Green Turtle, we hope to be there by Friday, we will really start thinking about sailing back to Florida after Easter. Joe PS Happy Birthday, Adam Joseph; one years old on April 22. Looks like Joy will be visiting DC/Baltimore Mother's Day weekend while I am up at Exeter for 45th reunion. PPS Happy Birthday to Melody. Hope to see you before your trip.

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