Monday, April 4, 2011

Eleuthera Beaches

We are presently in Spanish Wells, Eleuthera, in a marina for the past 2 nights and probably staying here another few days as our next passage will be crossing over the Northwest Passage to the Abacos.. I have chosen some of my favorite Eleuthera beach pictures, as the beaches here are magnificant. Most have pink sand from the coral that lies off shore. Most of the beaches have very few people on them. The water is getting warmer by the day, so that it is starting to feel like a bathtub. Most of the beaches are great for swimming with gradually sloping shoreline and of course brilliant clear blue water.

Just a note about our present town of Spanish Wells. This town has been mainly white Bahamian descendents from the Loyalists to England during the Revolutionary War. Most people we have met in shops or on the street have been here their whole life as have their parents and grandparents. This is the first Bahamian town, where the houses are very neat, freshly painted with bright colors, and beautiful flowers and bushes. Many people have an accent, some a thick Irish brogue. It is a totally dry town with no alchohol served anywhere (except on our boats). Lobstering has been the mainstay of the economy here for generations and picturesque fishing boats line the shore. Much of the lobster served in Red Lobster restaurants comes from here.

Tomorrow is my birthday and plans are for a haircut, rent a golfcart to further explore the island, and dinner with friends.

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