Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hopetown, Abacos - Day 1


We arrived on Saturday, April 9 in Hopetown. The way into the harbor is a little tricky as you have to come in on a rising tide for a boat that draws over 5 feet.
The lowest water we saw was 7 feet, which is good and we got in without getting grounded. Paul and Carol had gotten stuck for a few moments last year so we listed to their strategy and followed the deeper entrance channel.

On the way over the water was super clear. Joy shot this picture of the water, a starfish, and the shadow of the boat in about 15 feet. It is so clear that you think the water is only 3 feet not 15.

Hopetown reminds me of a little Key West, about 1/50 the size of Key West
Just had to stop and take a picture of Joy opening a coconut which will be featured in the blog later today for today's activities. I am writing about yesterday, an odd day.

After picking up a mooring, $20 a day, we went to shore for a very nice lunch. Then walked around town to the various shops, went on a tour of the Hopetown museum, had some sorbet, first for me in about 2 months. Came back to the boat and had dinner.
I must confess that I went to sleep at 8 pm because I did not sleep well on Friday night. Of course, woke up at 3 am this morning but fell back to sleep around 4 am.

The picture of the signpost in an old cemetery, actual no grave markings, just a post that says over 100 people died in a cholera epidemic in the 1850s. The flowers are very beautiful here.

I do know that today we are going to a Catholic Mass at the park at 12:30 pm. The priest comes over on the 12:15 ferry, most likely from Marsh Harbor which is the biggest town in the Abacos and third largest in all of the Bahamas. We are going there for a week on Tuesday.

We have decided that we are living a very fortunate life and are very thankful.

Also got to Skype all three of our children, they are all doing fine. Will be seeing them in about 8 weeks as we are heading back to Florida in 3 weeks of so.


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