Sunday, April 24, 2011



We today is Easter Sunday and we had a great day in Green Turtle Cay. This morning we drove our golf cart with another couple, Paul and Susie, to St Peter's Anglican Church. No Catholic church in Green Turtle, so all us Catholics went to St. Peters. I think there was about a dozen of us.

The first part of the service was a procession through the center of town, lead by the Altar servers. About 40 people in all. We got to the church and the entire service was very similar to a Catholic Mass, but this one had more singing and last a little over two hours.

In the afternoon, we had 19 people for lunch at Green Turtle Cay. We are the only people staying here but the food is great and we have our daily $68 food credit to eat with. This means we can eat either 1) breakfast and lunch or 2)dinner with dessert.

Our friends on Lee-Ann, Gary and Janet the Mexican train folks are in the marina across from us. The rest of the people are on moorings. Everybody is getting ready to leave as soon as there is a 2 to 3 day weather window.

We have to wait until the broken bracket is fixed so our cooling system will function properly without overheating. Friends are going to help take if off tomorrow, then we have to find a welding shop in Green Turtle Cay or take the ferry back to Marsh Harbor to get it repaired.

It was a good thing it broke here rather than out on the open ocean.

We are very confident that we will get it fixed properly. Have a couple of back up ideas that may have to be put into action, but we shall wait and see what happens tomorrow.

Joy went shelling later this afternoon and found some interesting shells. She has about 30 pieces by now. Not sure what is going to happen to them.

We found a fishing guide that she might go out fishing on Tuesday, weather permitting.

Weather permitting is a big thing when you are out on a boat. We have learned to listen to weather reports every morning at 6:30 AM plus all the weather sites on the Internet.


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