Friday, April 15, 2011

Day Trip to Man-O-War

We decided to take the ferry to Man-O-War Cay for the day rather than our boat which would have been a two hour sail from Marsh Harbour. Man-O-War is known for its boat building business and we saw several buildings in the small harbor area with craftsmen working on both new boat construction and repair. There is also a well known sail shop which sells durable and colorful canvas bags of all sizes and shapes. Several ladies who have been sewing for decades work at sewing machines at the back of the store, surrounded by all sorts of bags. The town itself has modest and some upscale homes, a restaurant, a few gift shops, and ice cream parlor. it is also known for the cinnamon bun lady who has been baking bread and cinnamon buns for 27 years and goes around in her golf cart everyday and sells her products. Of course, we had to try the buns which were quite good.

We said goodbye to Carol and Paul this evening who are leaving tomorrow to head west and eventually across the gulf stream to the States. They will leave their boat in the Charleston area and fly back to Colorado by the middle of May. We are talking with our friends Tom and Cathy from Tomkat and another boat or two about buddying back by the end of April across to the States. We all will leave here early this next week to explore a few more Cays and then position ourselves for the crossing.

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