Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fishing Expedition

As a delayed birthday present I went out today on a fishing trip which included fishing for our lunch, cooked on the beach, and snorkeling. Marcus and Daniel were our guides. Marcus has been working with his father since he was 12, helping with the fishing trips and now takes some groups on his own. A family of five joined us, as we motored to the neighboring Munjack Cay, and fishing for about 90 minutes, caught snappers and porgies, and pulled up to a beach in a sheltered cove. Towards the end of our fishing, we spotted a shark roaming around our boat. Just then I caught a fish, but as I was reeling him in the shark grabbed the fish and before I knew it, the fishing line was running out with the shark on the end. Finally, the line broke and fish and shark were gone.

The weather was fickle, with numerous squalls across the Abacos(not forecast). We had a great time dodging the raindrops, and, then getting soaked twice. However, the rain broke while we cooked the fish and until we were returning back to our marina. Fried fish, potatoes, and salad over a wood fire pit tasted wonderful. As we were returning, we had to pull off the sound and return to shore to wait out a rather significant squall. We tried to shelter ourselves from the rain and wind with the help of an old tarp and some picnic tables. We soon decided who would be voted off this deserted island as Daniel and Marcus put up a makeshift shelter, were the cooks for the day, the experts with the fishing poles. and the navigators.

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