Thursday, April 28, 2011

Engine is fixed

Well it has been a couple of days since our last post and a lot has happened. First of all two of our friends, Michael and David(picture of Joe and David of Journey), helped us put together a temporary fix for the heat exchanger problem. We use two large hose clamps under the broken bracket to hold down the heat exchanger. Also replaced the one O ring that was leaking.

Did a couple of engine tests and so far no leakage and no overheating. Also ordered a new heat exchanger to be installed in Ft Pierce next week.

Speaking of next week, we are looking forward to a weather window on Mon-Wed that allows us to leave Green Turtle Cay on Monday, sail to Great Sail Cay for Monday night, and then leave for Ft. Pierce on Tuesday afternoon, overnight and arrive in Ft. Pierce on Wed morning. We have a group of about 7-8 boats that will be travelling together.

That gives us one day to talk to the boat yard before our plane trips on Thursday. Joe is going to Exeter reunion, Joy is going to Hyattsville.

When we return, it is time to head north.

Had a good night last night, as our place hosted the local Bahamian band and we danced until we closed the place down at midnight.

Joy is out fishing today with a small group of people. Hopefully they are not caught in the squall we are having right now.


ps right now we are having a large down pour, good for the plants, bad for fishing.

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