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I am writing this on April 6 about the activities yesterday, April 5, 2011 the day that Joy turned 62. It was a very nice day in Spanish Wells, Bahamas. Joy has already written about the character of this town, it is a fishing town.

They catch lobsters very differently that in Maine. First of all they are called crayfish. The traps are long thin boxes that sit on the ocean flow the whole season, August 1 to March 31. they do not pull up the traps like in Maine

The boats take 10-12 divers who dive down breathing through air hoses hooked to a air pump on the boat. The divers pull the crayfish out of the traps one at a time and put them in buckets or netting that is hauled to the surface. The traps can hold 50-100 crayfish at a time. I met someone whose father is a cook on a boat.
The boats stay out for weeks at a time until they are full.

We had a very nice party for Joy yesterday including dinner at Gap restaurant, then back to High Spirits for cake that Carol Cook baked on her boat, chocolate with white frosting.

Today is Joy's haircut and her birthday present from me, a massage. When she got back from the massage place, she told me she ordered a massage for me this afternoon. I can use it as my left shoulder is still giving me troubles.

We are leaving for the Abacos tomorrow with about 6 other boats and a pilot boat to get us through a rocky area leaving Spanish Wells. Leaving at 7:15am, should be a 10 hour trip, 50+ miles

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