Wednesday, July 20, 2011

79th Street Boat Basin

Today we arrived at the 79th Street Boat Basin hoping to pick up a mooring ball.Joy  called yesterday and was told, "NO PROBLEM".  Well there was a problem as when we got here today, all 8 balls had people on them. In fact according to the dock crew there is a line of people trying to get on a mooring.  It will be interesting to see how long we last here as the rolling motion is severe.

There is a strong current, up to 4 knots, plus wake from numerous ferry boats passing by the marina.

However, not as bad as the Butchers, Debbie and Butch. We spent a great day with them in Hoboken.  Started off with lunch at a very nice Cuban restaurant, joined by Stephanie and her new baby. Steph is Debbie's daughter.  Butch and I went to see Horrible Bosses while the ladies went shopping.

We joined up for half price drinks.  Debbie and Butch have been in Hoboken for a couple of weeks and have scouted out all the specials that the bars and restaurants run during the week.

We walked over to see their boat at Shipyard Landing. They had told us about the movement of their boat because of 4 foot seas rolling through their docks.  Man, it was something to watch. We could hardly stand up on the docks when the large seas rolled through. Their sailboat was pitching all over the place. I can not see how they can stand to be on it.  They say that it calms down after 11 pm, but starts again at 6 am.

So after getting to 79th Street Boat Basin, Joy took off to go to Jill's office and go with her to her tutoring class.  I walked over to the Hayden Planetarium, my favorite museum in NYC. Then I ate dinner at the Boat Basin Cafe., turkey burger with a side of grilled mushrooms(my favorite vegtable).

Here is a picture taken this evening at the 79th Street Boat Basin.


Ps Here are some pictures we took on our way up to NYC

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