Thursday, July 28, 2011

On the Hook in Joshua Cove

After 2 lovely days in Black Rock, CT, we set sail,(yes, that is sailed) east toward the Connecticut River, stopping along the way for an overnight in Joshua Cove.  This is our first time anchoring since leaving the Chesapeake Bay area, with docks in NYC and mooring fields in Long Island Sound.  Actually, we started by motor with an east wind, which soon changed to the south so we were able to sail for 3 hours with no motor- peace and quiet!  So far the Sound has had gentle winds and one foot seas, very easy sailing.

This bay is surrounded by beautiful large New England older homes, but no towns, so after anchoring around 2pm, Joe read and napped and I fished and swam.  I am flunking out in fishing.  The other day I put out a line to troll with a new lure, guaranteed to catch a blue fish, and promptly lost the lure, because I didn't tie the knot sufficiently.  Today, not having any real bait, I tried dropping the hook while sitting at anchor, using fake shrimp.  I'm sure the fish wondered what that was as even live shrimp don't swim in these waters.  Then I tried marinated herring, which actually got some bites, before falling off the hook.  I also went on line to make sure I tied the knots correctly.  Next is filing for a fishing license on line.  I can file for a Massachusetts Saltwater license for free since I am over 60 and it is good for NH and CT.  Then I am off to buy another lure guaranteed to catch a fish, when we get to the next town, and maybe some frozen bait to keep aboard.

Tonight Joe is cooking dinner, since I am getting tired of always doing the cooking.  He just gave me a glass of wine and marinated herring with crackers, a better use of the herring than fishing.  How nice!  Usually, he is on the computer while I cook.  Tonight I get to do the dishes!

Tomorrow we sail another 20 miles to the CT River, where we have a mooring for 2 nights in Essex.  My cousin, Bruce Fletcher, and wife, Chris are joining us for dinner on Saturday night, which we are looking forward to.  Essex is about 4 miles up the river and has museums, shops, and restaurants.

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