Monday, July 18, 2011

Here in New Jersey

We arrived in Jersey City this morning after a short motor/sail from Rockaway, NY.  Travel time was about 3 hours.  Not much ferry traffic but a lot of sight seeing boats going over to the Statue of Liberty.

We were going to have Roberto work on our torn sail here at Liberty Harbor but we got the name of the Doyle sail people over in City Island and have called them.  Most likely we will stop at City Island next weekend and hopefully they can fix our sail on Monday, July 25.  Then it is on to Conn to visit the Wexles and the Buehlers plus assorted cousins (James Huggins side of the family).  These are relatives of Skip, Ted Bush. Joy 's grandfather on her mother's side.

It is super hot today, hit 95 and very humid. I walked over to the library to print out an email form I need and found out today was one of the two days per month that the library is closed because of state of NJ budget problems. The library system is closed 22 days per yea above normal holidays.
Workers stay home and do not get paid.

Tomorrow we are taking the light rail train up to Hoboken to visit with Debbie and Burt Butcher.  They are visiting their new grandchild and book a month in Hoboken. Then they are heading back south.


ps  will have pictures of Hoboken for tomorrow's blog.

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