Wednesday, July 6, 2011

going to DC

We are off to DC, after Hyattsville, this afternoon on the MARC train. the MARC train is a commuter train that only runs in the morning and in the afternoon rush hours.  It is cheap, only $6/person.  $3 if I was a little older and qualified for a senior citizen discount.  It is interest, there are many different senior citizen age points, some are as low as 60.  We also look, a buck saved is a buck we can spend on something else, like a mojito or mango rum drink.

Had a great fourth of July fireworks show just outside our marina. Tried to take some pictures, attached.
We had spent time with Doug and Marnie, also included in pictures. We went to a Naval Academy Bank, the Electric Brigade.  Marnie and Joy were expecting some Academy students playing patriotic music, what we got was 5 40 year old Navy musicians playing rap, current top 40 stuff. Doug,Marnie, and Joy left the concert early. I liked and stayed.

So yesterday, July 5, Marnie, Joy and I went to see Midnight in Paris, latest Woody Allen movie. Very good film. Marnie is going to live in Paris for about 5 months starting in Oct. Something she always wanted to do, I guess, 

Doug joined us for Hawaiian Fusion food at a restaurant near our marina, and then we helped them carry their food via the Water Taxi back to their boat on the other side of  the Harbor.

that is i for now


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