Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Black Rock Yacht Club- Bridgeport,CT

Well today we are in Bridgeport,CT at Black Rock Yacht Club on one of their moorings which cost $55/night.  There is a launch service that takes you into shore and back.  We had dinner with Mike Wexler, former Jefferson Wells person, who moved to CT a few years back from Hudson, Ohio. Shortly after I started working at Shaker Hts.  Sweta, his wife, had an IBM business dinner tonight so she could not make it.  Hopefully we will see both of them in New London this winter or in a couple of weeks at some other stop along the way to Maine.

We left City Island this morning at 9 am, and got here at 3 pm. Short day, beautiful weather and flat water. Then tonight it poured like crazy about 6 pm, and at 8 pm when we were coming back to the boat after dinner with Mike.

Staying here tomorrow for a day at the pool.  Today the pool was the site of a kids swim meet, ages 6-17. They only have 2 home meets a year and today was one of them. We sat in the grandparents section, read our books, had chips and dip and watched the kids in the meet. Some of them were just a little older than Erin.


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