Monday, July 4, 2011


Today is July 4 here in Baltimore Inner Harbor. Fireworks at 9:30 pm outside of our marina.

We have had a busy last 3 days starting with dinner with Doug and Vergie on Friday night; Josh and Rachel for dinner on Saturday night, and Doug and Marnie for dinner on Sunday night.

Saturday featured Josh and Rachel out for a sail and then for dinner.  Josh had a day off. He just started his second year of residency in he Emergency Department at Johns Hopkins.  As a second year, he will help train the first year people who have arrived for orientation, but will not be on the floors until the middle of July. So this month he has 22 shifts when the normal load is 17 shifts.  Shifts can be anywhere between 8 hours and 30 hours.

Went to a very nice Italian restaurant and then to Vaccaro's for desert.  Vacaro's is a pasry restaurant, featuring great deserts.

Sunday featured a picnic with everybody at the marina starting about 11 am. Josh and Rachel left about 1 pm as Josh had a shift to do at 2 pm. The rest of us piled into High Spirits for an afternoon sail.  Wind was not great. Head on going out, and died on the way back. Had to run the engine the whole time.

Heading south we got a call on the radio from Close to Home. Turns out we were passing each other when Marnie called us on channel 16.  That was an ESP moment, because I was thinking of hailing them at the same time.

We met them for dinner at another Italian restaurant, third one in three days.  Took them to Vaccaro's for desert. Doug got a free desert as he is over 80.  They are staying at a different marina on the other side of the Harbor. 

Going to met them for dinner, a Navy band concert at 7:30 pm and watch fireworks from their boat.


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