Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wed - July 27 Black Rock Yacht Club

Just a short note about our second day at Black Rock Yacht Club.  We spent the morning finding places to stop over the next two weeks. Joy was successful at finding us some anchorages and mooring places in Essex , CT, Mystic, CT area( where we are going to see the Buehlers), Block Island, and Nantucket.

After lunch we headed over to the pool and shot some photographs of us having a good time.  Back to the boat for dinner and Joy watched City Island on Netflix while I spent an hour on fraternity fund raising phone call. The wonders of cell phone and conference calling.

Today we are heading to Joshua Cove, halfway to Essex , CT where we plan on having diner with Bruce and Chris Fletcher, Joy's cousins on her grandfather's maternal side of the family.

Bye for now


PS  Picture of Joy reading at pool side,  High Spirits on the left hand side of the photo of the light house, and a picture of the pool and club house at Black Rock Yacht Club.

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