Friday, July 22, 2011


It is extremely hot here in NYC, so hot that we leave the boat all day, and come when it is cooler. However last night, the temperature did not get below 85 degrees in the boat. Fortunately, the fans are working okay.  We are on the dock so we have the benefit of two larger fans that run on 110 volt AC.

So here is a picture of cousin Karen, Raphael, and Joy.

Yesterday, Thursday, we had a very enjoyable day featuring lunch with Jill at the Chelsea Market,a kind of open air market inside an old terminal building.  Joy and Jill had lobster for lunch, I had a salmon sandwich.  After spending the afternoon at the market we walked over to Karen Stone's office for drinks with her and Raphael( see picture)

Karen is a cousin of Joe's on his mother side. Karen's father was my mother's brother.  She works for Knoll, Inc as a Director of Design. Raphael works in the computer industry, not sure exactly what he does.

After drinks with Karen and Raphael, we headed over to Brooklyn and had pizza with Jill and Matt. Got back about 10:30 pm to a warm boat. The wind scoop worked well in the back cabin so we had the wind scoop, and two fans going all night.

Found out when we woke up that we have some small damage to our rub rail from hitting the fixed dock that we are docked at. Moving this morning to a floating dock when the current slows down.  The Hudson River current can range from 0 to 3 knots, it is quite strong.

Today we are headed out to Brooklyn to help Jennifer,  Erin and Adam arrive at Jill's apartment. Buying food for dinner there.


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