Monday, September 19, 2011

Almost back on the Trip

Today we thought we would be leaving for Gloucester, MA, but no such luck.

The last 4 days we have been in Manchester, MA at Manchester Marine, almost right next door
to Steve Carhart and Marty Farmer.  Steve and I were college roommates at MIT and members of Phi Bea Epsilon fraternity.  Our fraternity reunion was this weekend with a Board meeting on Thursday evening.  I got elected Corporation Treasurer at the annual meeting on Friday evening.

So we have been sleeping at their house for the last 4 nights and going into Boston via train and car.

Had a great time seeing old friends from the past.  The reunion is every year, but we missed 2010 because of our sailing trip.

On last Thursday, we had the mechanics from Manchester Marine fix a fuel leak.  Thought they
were successful, but today when we got back to the boat,  PINK under the engine.  They had put down a white oil cloth and it was soaked.

Now it appears that the fuel pump has the leak and they are checking out our options.  So we may still be here for a while.  However, a very nice place to be stuck.  Moorings are only $35/night.

Our next event is Joy's college roommates LOBSTER PARTY ( they have a ham and cheese sandwich for me) in Maine on Oct 1.  So we are very close to Kittery  Point where the boat goes out of the water and we have two weeks to get there. So we are just enjoying the last days and taking it east. No pressure to get anyplace this week.


PS  Here are some pictures. The first one is the famous Spirits of 76, this is the original which is hanging in the Marblehead Town Hall.  There is a second painting hanging in Cleveland, Ohio but this is the first one.  Then there is a picture of sun rise in Marblehead.

The third one shows the pink on the white cloth, fuel leak on High Spirits.  Look like we will be getting a new fuel pump. Hopefully by the end of the week.

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