Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today, Sept 1, we arrived in Boston Harbor about noon time. Got a mooring from the Boson Harbor Sailing Club.  The harbor is interesting. There are ferries going everyplace, water taxis, and commercial tour boats kicking up a good size wave or two.  The story is that around 11 pm, things get smooth and mellow.

Of course, we are only paying $45/night for a mooring which includes free tender service to the Aquarium dock.  So this is great place to park for 6-7 days.

What should we do in Boston? There is so much to do that it almost gives you a headache.  We want to go to some concerts, plays, musicals, movies, & shopping, plus museums.

We did enjoy our stay in Scituate Harbor. The cables are fixed and worked correctly this morning The cost was reasonable, 4 hours of labor plus parts.  Cost us $480 in total.

The weather has started to cool down, so it was a good thing to get the diesel heater fixed.  I know we will be using it in the next couple of weeks if not days. Our plans are to stay on mooring the rest of this boating season.  The only reason we need to get to a marina or gas docks would be for fresh water and pump outs.


ps  No pictures, the camera needs charging.  We will be running the generator on Sat.
for hot water, and some devices that need to be recharged on a 110 volt charger.

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