Thursday, September 22, 2011

An Enjoyable Day, Rain, Fog, and All

It is probably appropriate that as we get farther north, we have more rain, low clouds, and fog, so we better get used to it.  Apparently, this Sept. has been one of the wettest in New England.  We woke to a dreary day, but had some delightful encounters all day, starting with our meeting Paul Banados as we left the dinghy and headed for breakfast ashore.

Paul describes himself as "an eccentric" gentleman who loves anything nautical, an architect, artist, and collector of antiques.  Joe met him drawing sketches at the dock master's office, and soon had struck up a conversation, followed by inviting him to breakfast, and offering a ride on the boat (in the fog and drizzle), so he could sketch the shoreline from the harbor.  As soon as he introduced himself as an Irishman, I knew that he couldn't be from Ireland, as he had an accent similar to our friends in Ecuador.  His Irish grandparents immigrated to Chile, where he grew up, coming to the US forty years ago.  Below is a picture of Paul at the wheel.

After the morning ride in the fog and lunch at a cafe, Joe and I headed for the local arts cinema, where we saw Incendies, nominated for best Foreign Language Film, a very moving, suspenseful, and powerful story.  A picture of the theatre, which is in a former function room with sofas and upholstered chairs for seating.

Then, our friends, Marty and Steve from Manchester, joined us for dinner at one of their favorite restaurants, Latitude 43, with a jazz ensemble on Thursdays.  Fish and sushi were the highlights of the menu, along with beautiful, art-filled ambiance.  Back to the boat for relaxing and blogging with anticipation of tomorrow's events.

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