Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rain in Boston Harbor

Today is a rain day, in fact it has been rain most of the day and night.  Woke up to rain, going to bed
with rain.  Joy spent most of the morning working on cleaning the inside of High Spirits with an oil based product.  Helps keep the interior wood in good condition.

I went out to lunch with a fraternity brother whose office is about 4 blocks from the mooring field.
We are staying at Steve's house the weekend of our fraternity reunion, Sept 16-18.  Need to cancel our hotel reservation.

When I got back, Joy told me the water pump was making the noise that indicates that we are low on water.  So we got the dinghy down, motored over to the docks and filled up 2 five gallon jugs. If this can make it to Friday, then we are going over to the fuel dock to get fuel, pump out and water fill up.

After I got back we took the subway over to Kendall Square to see The Whistleblower, a movie about human trafficking in Bosnia back in the late 1990s. Very disturbing but well done film.  Back to High Spirits in the rain and a light dinner around 7 pm.

Tomorrow Joy has her high school friends luncheon up in Melrose.  Me, I'll just try to stay dry and perhaps go to another movie.


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