Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Great Day in Marblehead

Joy is having a great time here in Marblehead reliving part of her childhood as well as time she spent with her Mother visiting restaurants and shops here in town.

Today we went on a tour of the Col Jeremiah Lee house which is still very much in original condition.  They have the original wallpaper in the house, put up in 1768. The reason the house lasted so long was that after the Lees died, a bank took it over and used it as their headquarter for a 100 years, and then the Marblehead Historical Society took it over in 1909 or so.  Very impressive wood work

We had lunch at The Barnacle, a favorite place of Jeans, then we did the house tour

Also I discovered that Skip, Joy's grandfather, joined the Corinthian Yacht Club in 1948 and when he ended his membership in 1981, he and Gar were 15th on the membership seniority list. 

We met some women and the pool the last two days.  Three of them came out to High Spirits for drinks before dinner tonight.  Pam, Beth, and Kathy have know each other for 30 years or so. They live here in Marblehead.  Beth's day job is a nanny for an 8 year old boy.  Both parents are in medical sales and they need a nanny.

Well that is it for now


ps  One more day in Marblehead and then it is off to Manchester by the Sea.

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