Sunday, September 11, 2011

Boston Remembers Sept 11

Today was a special day in the City of Boston.  Sept 11th's 10 anniversary was marked by a large variety of special programs to honor the 206 people connected to Boston that died on Sept 11, including 14 MIT alumni.

We started the day off by going to church at the MIT chapel for a 9:30 am Mass. After Mass we had coffee and doughnuts with some of the students.  Meet a family from Chile.  He is in the Master of Engineering Business Management program run by the Sloan School for Engineers. The large American flg is hanging from Building 10, which is the center building anchoring MIT's Great Court.

Then we took the subway and walked back to the Aquarium and the Rose Kennedy Greenway where a group called Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund was assembling 1,000 gift boxes to send to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We went through the filling line 5 times packing our box.  The governor, Duvall Patrick, Mayor Mineno and Sec of Homeland Security,Janet Nepolotano, were the main speakers.  I got a picture of the hand bell choir and the stack of boxes.

Then we went to the afternoon Memorial service at the Hatch Shell on the Charles River for a service featuring the Boston Pop Brass Ensemble and the Boston Children's Chorus.Got some pictures and video but not sure how the video attaches.

Then we had dinner with John and Sue Esposito, not related to Phil the Bruins hockey star of the 70s, but still good friends from boating. Had a great dinner with them, and saw this fabulous Lamborghini, outside the restaurant. Check out the waiter!

All in all a great day for Joy and Joe.  It is days like today that make us proud to be Americans..  A good day for reflection


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