Sunday, September 4, 2011

Boston Harbor Islands

Yesterday, Sat, Sept 3, we spent the day exploring the Boston Harbor Islands, a National Park area, that was developed in the 1970s.  There is a lot of history to the Harbor Islands.

At various times in its life it was a hospital for contagious Bostonians, a Civil War prison camp,  horse rendering factory, a candle making facility, a garbage dump for the city of Boson, and finally a place where the dirt and stone from the Big Dig, the Downtown tunnel project, could be dumped on top of the garbage dump, turning it into a lovely park.

Attaching several pictures.  The one picture of the round golf ball tanks is the Deer Island Waste treatment plant which has vastly cleaned up Boston Harbor.  Another one is a large tanker that was motoring through sail boat traffic.  You can see how big it is next to a 35 foot sailboat. Plus a picture taken from the top of the North End of Spectacle Island, the island where all the Big Dig stuff ended up. It raised the top of the island from 95 feet to 155 feet.

There is huge amount of people traffic down at the Rowe's Wharf where we are at. It is back to school week for all the colleges and there seem to be a lot of families enjoying the Boston sights.

The above picture is the mooring field that we are staying in off of The Boston Harbor Hotel at Rowe's wharf. It is a nice place to stay, there is no place in Boston you can stay for what we are paying, $50/night that has this view and closeness to the transit system.

Today we are going to church in the North End of Boston, where Joy did her nursing internship as a senior at Simmons College.  Going food shopping at the outdoor markets afterwards and may take in a movie in the late afternoon over in Cambridge.  I have a weekly subway pass for $15, and Joy has an old pass from her last visit her for her reunion.


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