Friday, September 9, 2011

NO Rain Today- Boston Harbor

Woke up to  NO RAIN.  Blue skies and bright sunshine most of the day.  Today was the day that we moved from Boston Harbor Sailing Club( the place with the launch service but not washer.dryer) to Boston Waterman Marina(no launch service, have to use your dinghy, but has a washer/dryer, and two showers)

We  are moored right over the Silver Line subway service to Logan Airport, and you can hear the trains underneath us even though we are in 50 feet of water and the subway is probably 50 feet under the ocean  floor if not more.  You can also feel the vibrations.

This morning we motored up the harbor to get diesel, fresh water and pump outs for our two heads.  Then motored back to Boston Waterman Marina and picked up a mooring.  Took our clothes to shore and got in line to use the one washing machine and one dryer. Took turns.  Joy went to Haymarket Square and did some fresh produce shopping.  When she came back, I went off to the Old State House building which was built in he 1700s.  Has quite a history to it.

Took two pictures of some items on display. One picture is doctor's equipment from the 1770s that they used to saw off legs/arms, and to pull out musket balls.

Tomorrow , Joy's high school friend, Daphne, is coming down to go with us to the Boston Arts Festival.

Sunday afternoon we are volunteering at a 9/11 project right here on the Rose Kennedy Greenway, and then going over to the Hatch shell for Memorial Service and Boston Pops concert.

Monday it is off to Marblehead, we have a mooring reservation at Corinthian Yacht Club where Joy's family ( her grandfather and his uncle) were members for probably 80 years.


ps  Two pictures of the Toyota Rav4 that we are picking up for a 10 month lease, hopefully starting in Oct if the paper work gets done quickly.

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