Monday, September 12, 2011

Childhood Memories

Today we left Boston and sailed to Marblehead, MA, where my grandfather had the boat, Primrose VI for 35 years.  Growing up, we used to go sailing every Saturday and Sunday from mid-June to Labor Day.  I guess I followed in my grandfather's footsteps.  Pictured is a daytime shot of the Corinthian Yacht Club and then again with the full moon overhead.  It was a gorgeous day with warm temperatures and balmy breezes.  We are on a guest mooring through the yacht club, so made use of the club house and swimming pool.  Basically, the Clubhouse is open, but no food until Wed due to Fall hours, but the pool, where I had swimming lessons as a child was open and now is heated fresh water- about 84 degrees today.  As a child it was always freezing as it was salt water and unheated.  After a swim, I was able to explore the rocky beach and climb on the rocks as it was low tide.  As kids we used to find starfish underneath the seaweed, but no starfish today, just periwinkles.

We spoke with several members around the pool and found out that to get a mooring in Marblehead Harbor is a 15 to 25 year wait.  We have heard this the past few places we have been in New England, that good harbors have long waiting lists.  We are glad that we are not looking for a home for High Spirits in this part of the country.  We can enjoy their guest moorings and continue cruising.

The town is on the other side of the harbor, so tomorrow the Corinthian launch can drop us off in town to wander around and go to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch. 

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  1. Joy & Joe, Nice memories for sure. I have a picture of the "four uncles" Paul, Russ, Walt and Dave sailing on PrimroseVI with Uncle Ted and Bob. We have sailed to Marblehead many times and always enjoy loking at yacht club, remembering the weddings and grand times.