Thursday, September 8, 2011

More Rain in Boston Harbor

The rain is still coming down.  We thought it would be over this morning but it is still coming down.  The forecast is for it to stop this afternoon. We are on the boat out in the Harbor.

Looks like we found a car to pick up on a 10 month remainder lease.  The guy is coming this afternoon around 1 pm to show it to us. Hopefully the rain will stop by then. It is a 2009 Toyota Rav 4 Limited, which means it is fully loaded with heated front seats which will be great for this winter in New Hampshire as we do not have a garage.

Yesterday Joy had lunch with her old high school friends, the five of them have reconnected over the past 10 years and try to get together every couple of months.  I went to the movies to see The Debt, not bad.  The day before both of us went to see The Whistleblower.

Joy is wiping the boat down with lemon oil.  We were supposed to have dinner tonight with some old boating friends but they have cancelled out due to bad weather.


ps  Included are some pictures of our walk around the Boston Common Gardens, riding on the Swan Boats, and a picture of an ice cream tank painted with the famous picture of Make Way for Ducklings.  See the large LNG tanker.  If you look close you can see a little red dot( at the water line in the middle of the boat) which is a 24 foot Coast Guard Inflatable speed boat which has a gunner with a machine gun on the bow.  The Coast Guard runs security for the LNG tankers once a month for security from a terrorist attack.

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