Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Charlestown, MD

Well it is an odd day, so it is my turn to write.

Today we travelled to Charlestown, MD which is rich in colonial history. They had a Tea Party after Boston's, but it never got the press so hardly anybody knows about it unless you live here.

This is a college town, Washington College. WC is the only school that George Washington lent his name to and he contributed funds to start the school. After we arrived we walked around the downtown and parts of the college campus. There are a lot of 1700 building here, in fact according to Ed Minch, ( he owns a boat here at the marina), it has the second most number of old buildings, only surpassed by Annapolis.

Ed is related to Charlottte Minch, she was principal of Chippewa Elementary for the first couple of years that Josh was there. We noticed that his boat was from Rocky River and he came over when he saw that High Spirits was from Cleveland.

We are going over to his house this evening. Also, his grandfather owned Minch Nursery on Pearl Road in Middleburgh Hts, Gayle, Connie, and Joyce might recall this stellar tidbit of Kubit family trivia.

Pictures today are of a sailing class held out on the river, the Sultana which is an exact replica of the original Sultana back in 1770s. The British Royal Navy had exact drawings of her, and so the drawings were found in 1980s when people decided to build her. She is part of an outdoor education experience for children in Kent County School District.

Joy is still eating her left over crabs from the party on Sat. I had left over dinner from last nights venture to a restaurant.

Tomorrow we are going to work on the outboard engine. Turns out we got water in the gas tank, cracked o ring in the cap let in water when we sailed down the ocean off the coast of New Jersey.
Also going to try and get some boat cards printed at Staples, and find the final fittings for the shower pump in the front head. Leaving after lunch and will anchor out Wed night so we will only have a 5 hour trip to Baltimore on Thursday morning.


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