Monday, September 27, 2010

Erin and Adam Day

We are here in Washington, DC, actually Hyattsville where Jen, Mark, Erin and Adam live. Erin is now 3.5 and Adam is 5 months old. We arrived today by taking the commuter train down from Baltimore to College Park. College Park is the town next to Hyattsville. Mark had left their second car( our old Saturn) in the parking lot for us. The train cost $6/person one way and is a nice 50 minute ride. Very crowded even on the 8:15 am train. Saw only one person enter our car wearing a suit and tie. Business casual has taken over the world.

Picked Erin up at nursery school. She was happy to see us and showed me her school. Spent the day washing Jen's pile of laundry, playing with the kids, and Joy ended up taking Adam for a walk after dinner in the hopes that he would fall asleep. No such luck.

Mark, Joy, Erin and Adam went to Erin's music class before dinner, and I got a cupcake from a birthday party at music class to eat after dinner.

The biggest boat related news is that I was unsuccessful in filing one of our CNG tanks. I found the place in Montgomery County that has CNG in a gas station like setting. However the connector from the pump was too big for our tank. Found an oxygen supply house to see if they had any connectors. Good thing I asked some questions. Turns out that our tank is only rated for 2,200 psi, normal load is 1,500 psi. The pump puts out either 3,000 or 3,600 psi. If the connectors had worked, I might have blown out the safety plug and spraying CNG all over the place and it could have gone off in a fireball explosion. Thank goodness it did not fit. We have finally figured out that we need to eiher replace our stove with a propane stove or get it converted over to propane. Most likely when the boat is in Florida and we are back in Cleveland for several days at Christmas

Jen had to go to the college for her job for about 3 hours. She has contracted to work 160 hours per semester. A couple of nights a week and on Saturdays. So we will be doing baby sitting while we are here until Wed afternoon. Taking the train back to Baltimore to have dinner with Sally and Manny who are driving back to Florida starting today.


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