Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Havre de Grace, MD

We motored over to Havre de Grace this afternoon. We had met Steve Weisbrod at Atlantic City and he mentioned how great his town was to visit. So we got up on a very foggy morning, the picture included was taken while the fog was lifting. It was about a 4 hours trip, but we arrived before dinner time. Picture of Steve helping Joy tie up High Spirits when we arrived.

Went out to dinner with Steve and his wife Judy. They are one of 6 boats who live all year round at Tidewater Marina. Judy is a supervisor in the Service Department and Steve makes his living delivering boats. They have been living on their boat in the marina for 8 years with one more year to go. Then they are thinking of moving to Central America.

We did have some problems with our dinghy engine this morning so now we have to find a Yamaha dealer as the engine is still under warranty. It died out and now the starter cord will not pull at all. The plan is to find a dealer in Baltimore where we will be for a week.

Coming over to Havre de Grace we saw this very large barge, opposite way, so we took its picture. These things are very large, and don't turn. There is a large steam shovel on it that looks like a toy.

Tomorrow plans are to 1) grocery shopping, the marina has a courtesy car, 2) get a haircut, 3) fix the sump pump, and 4) find a Yamaha dealer in Baltimore. Plus ride bikes around Havre de Grace.


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