Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rainy Day Visit with Sister Sal

No new pictures, unfortunately! We are still in Baltimore, waiting out Tropical storm, Nichole, and having a chance to visit with my sister, Sally, and Manny, who are traveling from New Hampshire to Florida. S and M spent the summer in New London, NH and live in Stuart, FL. Due to the inclement weather, they stayed longer in Baltimore for a visit. In addition, Sally turns 60 tomorrow and it was a year ago today that our mother passed away, so it was doubly special to spend the last 2 days together.

Last night we went to one of the italian restaurants in Little Italy, a few blocks from the marina. Today, Joe and I went out for lunch in the harbor with a gift certificate from our children to the Rusty Scupper; then joined S and M for a movie, Wall Street, with Michael Douglas, very good, and then dinner.

We put our rain gear to good use, as Nichole came right up the east coast, dumping about 5 inches of rain, with winds, and high tides on the Chesapeake. Our boat is pretty dry with an occasional leak, and we put up our new canvas which encloses the cockpit, for additional dry space.

The plan has been to sail to Annapolis tomorrow, where Jen, Mark, and our grandkids will stay overnight. The weather forecast is for drying out, but 30 knot winds, so we may delay our trip again.


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  1. Hope you guys are having a great time! Pictures are wonderful!
    Cindy and Mike