Monday, September 20, 2010


Joe and I are trying something different, at least for awhile. I will be doing the blog on the even days and Joe on the odd days. This is a compromise as I tried to look over his shoulder yesterday as he was typing and he didn't appreciate my interference. I need to feel that the blog comes from both of us. So.....

This morning we awoke to what appeared to be a blustery day, so considering the weather and the fact that we met Kathy and John last night, a local couple here in Rock Hall who spent last year in the Bahamas, we made the decision to stay in Rock Hall one more day.

The pictures are of a group of us having Chesapeake crabs, which the owners of the marina gave us ( leftovers from the Saturday night party). I had lots of tutoring about how best to find the crab meat, so by the end of our 90 minute lunch, I was able to dissect one in 10 minutes, instead of 20. Delicious! Lots of good crab and fun conversation! Joe, who is allergic to crab meat, had a turkey sandwich.

For supper we joined K and J again, along with another family of liveaboards, for dinner at a local restaurant that offers half price meals on Mondays. Lots of boat conversation and hearing of their experiences in the Bahamas- all information that will be helpful in the long run. Part of what makes this a wonderful experience for us is meeting the other couples who have sold their homes to spend time cruising. Everyone is very friendly and helpful, and all have interesting stories about deciding to do this. We collect boat cards, like business cards from everyone we meet in hopes of coming across them again as we head south.
Tomorrow we are off to Chestertown.....

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